Who is annie dating on 90210

It’s almost 10 years since everyone’s favourite trashy teen drama aired on The CW, and time hasn’t changed the way we feel about the kids of West Bev. These are some of the most ridiculous, ludicrous, downright batshit stupid things that happened during the five seasons 90210 remained on air. Or more specifically, the way in which Ethan was hastily written out of the show. Luckily for Jasper, Navid suffers a bout of the old I’ve-fallen-down-one-flight-of-stairs amnesia, which affects his post-incident life in no other way than a complete and total blank on who pushed him down the stairs.

More glitzy than Gossip Girl, more convoluted than The OC and a hell of a lot less boring than One Tree Hill, 90210 was the ultimate easy watch during our formative years – even if it did give us a bit of a skewed perception on teenage life. Hey, maybe it’s the very obvious villain you were planning to out as a drug dealer? Sweet, gullible Liam is 90210’s equivalent of Super Mario, thinking he can save the day with a few gold coins.

1 by nine9 INT- WILSON’S MINIVAN (Morning) Dixon is driving Annie to school in the family minivan; Dixon lets out a big yawn.

Annie: Another late night talking to Silver again huh?

My first 90210 fanfic, this is part one, hope you enjoy it 90210 FANFIC EPISODE: “DOUBLE PLAY” PT.

Nope, the most ridiculous thing about Oscar is the way he catches sexual predator Mr Cannon, speedily identifying his supposed Essex accent as phoney. The fact he feels like he has to keep the relationship a secret “for his reputation” makes me want to punch him.

Seriously, imagine Naomi turning up to the cinema to meet you and your sweaty virgin friends like this and having the audacity to laugh her out of the building.

Sleep with a 6’4″ bodybuilder at a pool party in Cancun. Fuck it, I don’t know, take your friend’s dad’s Lamborghini and offer Snoop Dogg a ride along the way? Like, the denouement of this storyline is that she has the courage to confess to Liam that she killed Jasper’s uncle, right after dumping Jasper post-suicide attempt.

I mean yeah, she feels bad about it and guilt-fucks his creepy nephew because of it, but ultimately she gets off pretty lightly.

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