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You should never write words using numbers Unless you’re 7 Or your name is Prince I hate these word crimes. They’re just going to join the rant about how much they hate it.” Then he calls people dumb mouth breathers. I posted a shorter version of this article on my site a few days ago, and a lot people commented that I’m missing the point: that it’s parody.

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Go watch it, love it, share it with your friends, but—and I know I sound incredibly earnest here—think about the screwed up message.

My problems with it start around the one-minute mark.

He beats the old (and ever popular) peeve that and acknowledgement that the Oxford comma is a style choice. I could easily overlook the lack of subtlety in his grammar lessons.

Then it’s back to the prescriptivism about not using letters as words: BCRU, are words not letters … Immediately after saying ‘never,’ he acknowledged the concept of register—that different things are acceptable in different situations—like using and using numbers in words—but nobody’s going to get that part. I don’t expect a music video to get into the details, but what I see is that he’s appealing to the base instincts that I’m tired to the bone of seeing: The call to feel superior and to put other people down for writing errors. Encouraging people to rant against the “morons who can’t spell” sells.

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