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Being "Available" has never been his strong suit, literally or emotionally, despite the fact that he's made strides when it comes to parenting. He'll always be the kids' father and a part of her life as a result, and she never wants to take that away from him. “It’s taken Kourtney ages to get to this stage, but it seems she is finally, genuinely over Scott," says the insider of her current mindset."She’s determined to keep a good relationship with him, and she says he will always be a part of the family, as well as the father of their kids." That much is a given to her, "but Kourtney’s done with obsessing over what he’s doing with who, and dreaming about getting him back." Seems like he may finally get the point, too.After Scott tried to sneak a young side piece down to Costa Rica during a Kardashian family vacation earlier this year, they broke up. Even for Disick, it can't be easy to bounce back from that stunt, though it hasn't stopped Kourtney from meddling with Scott’s emotions.She flirts with a reconciliation with the father of her three kids one day, then fuels speculation that she's living with Justin Bieber the next. To wit, a new report claims Kourtney’s “getting back in the game” but with dating preferences that seem to rule out the mercurial Lord D. As a 37-year-old mother of three, Kourtney refuses to follow in her sisters’ footsteps when it comes to the kind of man they seek out. “Kourtney has a few things she is looking for in a boyfriend.I am not very social in Hollywood—I didn’t go out and schmooze people. I recently interviewed Jeremy Renner, who talked about the parallels between DC and Hollywood—the ambition, the lobbying.There’s that same kind of hierarchical social atmosphere, and there is definitely always something that someone has that can benefit you, and it’s hard to put it out of your mind when socializing.Those gripes I mentioned above were culminated from hundreds, if not thousands, of internet comments and tweets. Not only do I understand why the writers went this way, I also understand why the characters went this way. He wanted to be Liz’s White Knight, to bring her in safely and be the hero that clears her name legally.There are numerous groups of fans that are just one Glen shy of a full-scale riot over this. Because the writers decided to go against the grain and not do what we all expected them to do? Allow me to explain by addressing the Top 3 complaints I have heard against this recent tryst. After finding Tom hiding at Cooper’s, and realizing he is actually the one that will once again trump his Dudley Do-Right attempts at Liz’s redemption, Ressler is hurting. Pining for that person who would seemingly never return our affections and made a rash decision based on nothing more than a momentary release. We have all thought this, but are we sure they were ever a couple?

By her own admission, the director explains that the list has its limits.Disick personally gave an interview with the in which he conceded that his priorities do not align with Kourt's.Scott said “getting up every day” is the only thing keeping him busy at present, which isn't a ringing endorsement of ... At the end of the day, whatever gets the womanizing party animal out of bed - or into it - isn't likely to be Kourtney Kardashian. No, we were FURIOUS because the showrunner, Jon Bokenkamp, and his writers elected to take two of our favorite characters and have them hook up with the wrong people.According to every audience member’s wish fulfillment, both of these characters were meant to copulate this season. To me, as a viewer, this was a stroke of brilliance. Like people who enjoyed New Coke levels of minority. This is a show that would get placated in procedural boredom if it did not continuously shake up the dynamic once in awhile.

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